Exile 2588 is an acrobatic adaptation of the story of Io set 500 years in the future.

The hit of the 2016 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Smashing together the genre of space epic with the sweet strains of American folk music, Almanac’s physical vocabulary swells to include break dance, static trapeze, and ever more innovative ensemble acrobatics, asking timeless questions about mortality and how much control we have over our bodies. Almanac’s signature style of physical storytelling, dance, and circus is accompanied by an original song cycle by Chickabiddy (Aaron Cromie and Emily Schuman). The piece is outside eyed by Pig Iron Theatre Company’s Dan Rothenberg.



Exile 2588 was originally performed at the Painted Bride Art Center, September, 2016. 

Created and performed by
Nicole Burgio, Nick Gillette,
Ben Grinberg, Lauren Johns, and Mark Wong

Created and directed by
Nick Jonczak

Live original music by

Outside Eye
Dan Rothenberg

Lighting Design by
Robin Stamey

Costume Design by
Natalia de la Torre with assistance from Sarah Mitchell

Set Design by
Peter Smith

Production Managed by
Robin Stamey

...breathtaking physicality… haunting musical harmonies… top-notch design. After captivating us with movement, music, and storytelling, Exile 2588 leaves us pondering the timeless questions about mortality and wondering if unending life at all cost is truly better than a natural life cycle and ultimate death. This is really heady stuff; don’t miss it.

— Deb Miller, DC Metro Theater Arts