Fronteras Call


We will welcome our friend and collaborator, the Mexican performer/choreographer/designer/clown Emmanuel Becerra, as well as Almanac company members from across the United States, to collectively conduct and publicly offer our research. As a company, Almanac has always sought to break down barriers between genres in the performance world, learning from difference. We continue our formal inquiry as our work takes on the content of breaking down the barriers and borders between us, between communities and within ourselves. We aim for deeper understanding and to facilitate deeper connections between people. The project will culminate in a week of events including two full length world premieres in the first week of May.

FRONTERAS is based on a 3-year collaborative relationship that has brought Almanac to Maine, Montreal and Mexico, and Emmanuel to Philadelphia in 2014. To us as artists and citizens, FRONTERAS takes on greater and more dire significance now as we brace ourselves for attacks on our human rights, and fight for the future of our democracy. On the morning of the election, Emmanuel sent us a message: “Well my friends, hope not to be killed by being a Mexican in USA for 4 months.” When we asked him if he still felt comfortable coming, he said it was more important to him than ever.

From January 13-May 15, we will be prolific in hosting community events, workshops, performances, and open process sharings, and engage as many community members as possible in the process. We are looking for partners of all kinds to support this work — do you have access to space for rehearsals or a site specific performance? Do you have a story to share with us? Do you work for an organization that could partner with us to host workshops, in Spanish or in English? Do you work for a college or university that would like to host a residency, have us teach a class in physically dismantling barriers, or lead an event? Do you want to be a part of a creation, can you volunteer, can you chip in for travel costs or housing? Do you have friends that would like to be engaged in this work?

Please contact us, please come be a part of FRONTERAS.