I am no good at words

The first thought that popped into my head when Robin looked at me and said, “You have to write a blog post for Almanac”, was “I think I would rather do just about anything else”. 

I’m terrible at transforming a thought in my head to a word out of my mouth. 

I’m terrible at writing. 

And above all I am terrible at grammar. 

But then I had a second thought. 

I’m not sure it matters that I am an inadequate writer because how could I or anyone else ever put into words how incredibly special Almanac is as a family, as an ensemble, and as a home. 

How could I possibly boil down into words the feeling of unending support I feel from Almanac?

How do I write a few sentences about (literally) flipping backwards into the arms of your family. Not hesitating or questioning if they will be there to catch you?

How do I explain that I didn’t sleep for two nights and I feel lost and confused, but it all drifts away with a hug from Emma, a joke from Lauren, or a beautiful smile from Evelyn? 

How could I possibly tell our audience that in many ways Almanac saves me everyday? 

It is a true shame that I am not better at writing. 

Because if I could truly tell you how special Ben, Robin, Emma, Lauren, Joe, Evelyn, LoHa, Mark, and Nick are or if you could feel the love that I get to feel by being part of this group…I think your heart would would swell like mine does and there would be a lot more magic in the world.  

My blog is short… and I am not going ask anyone to edit this. 

I love you my acrobatic troupe, my weird ensemble, my idiots, my friends, my family.