My weeks with the ALMANAC family

Today we share a guest blog post from Isabelle, a lovely young woman from Germany who has been helping us out in the rehearsal room and during performances for the past few months. Isabelle just graduated from High School, and while preparing to spend a volunteer year in Bolivia, is visiting family in Philadelphia. We are very lucky to have her!

My Weeks with the ALMANAC Family

Amazing. That was one of my first thoughts when I met the people behind ALMANAC and got to know their work ethic. I have only spent the past couple weeks with this amazing group, but there are various reasons they are just amazing and I want to share them with you.

Laughter. One of the really lovely things to see is all the laughter during rehearsals. I’ve noticed that they devote the majority of their time each day to the upcoming performances. However, there is always room for coming together, having a moment of rest, and laughing. They just genuinely enjoy their work and working with each other.

Merging. As you can probably imagine with all these different personalities, there are also plenty of ideas coming up to expand, improve, and change the existing performance. What’s great about ALMANAC is that every voice is equally heard and appreciated. By providing an environment where everyone can express their ideas, the final show that you’ll see is going to be a merging of all these people’s personalities and thoughts.

Acrobatics. I was amazed from day 1 what bodies are capable of doing. It is just stunning to watch them practice their stunts. Seeing the spark of an idea turn into a beautiful shape, which will astonish you. Not only have I watched them go through taxing floor acrobatics over and over again, but I also had the chance to see 6-people-pyramids and walks with one or even two people on their shoulders as if it were the easiest thing imaginable. The strength, agility, and motivation everyone brings to the rehearsals are part of why ALMANAC’s shapes are so intriguing to watch. They have a lot more to offer, but I don’t want to spoil the show. So if you want to get the full scope of what ALMANAC has to offer acrobatically, you should definitely check out the Fronteras performances at the beginning of May.

No. Not a word you will be hearing a lot. ALMANAC is like a small family built on trust. Consequently, no matter what you ask, you will very rarely hear a no.
Can you bring/buy me lunch during the break? – Sure.
Can I have your car? – Of course.
Can you climb onto the 10-12 foot high human pyramid? – Sure, I’ll try. 

Ambition. A lot of effort goes into the current projects, and it seems as if ALMANAC’s thoughts about the upcoming performances just circle around their heads 24/7. During these hours and hours of rehearsals, they always keep their goal in mind – creating an acrobatically convincing performance to convey their message. Day after day they improve their acrobatics as well as theatrical bits and pieces until they reach perfection. They don’t give up. They’ll continue to work on it and stay positive despite the exhaustion they might feel once in a while.

Creativity. To create a complete show it is a necessity to have creative people on your team. Here you have young, energetic people full of ideas and the need to express them. Everyone contributes to the project in their own unique way – through their professional experience, with a suggestion for an acrobatic shape to portray a specific theme, or maybe even a feeling they want to share with the audience. 

So don’t miss out on the stunning performance awaiting you in May. I sure won’t.

- Isabelle