Leaps of Faith and Other Mistakes is an absurd and contemplative tapestry of sublime human idiocy, isolationist seafarer cults, and the kinds of people that devote their lives to becoming acrobats.

Four hobbyists find each other alone in a world of weirdos, and push themselves to be “exceptional in every moment.” As they purify themselves and adopt an all-white uniform, their trusty sofa becomes a portal for exploration and they set out on the high-seas and leave the world of fast-food and normal people behind. But all is not as they imagined it would be, and the audience is left contemplating what we do when we find ourselves lost at sea.

Originally devised and performed at Fleisher Art Memorial in 2015. Reimagined for the 2017 Philadelphia Fringe Festival with guest artists:


Leaps of Faith and Other Mistakes originally performed at Fleisher Art Memorial in June, 2015.

Created through a residency in Montreal with Cirque du Soleil's Jerome LeBaut, and with funding support from the Samuel S. Fels Foundation and the Philadelphia Cultural Fund.

Created and performed by Nicole Burgio, Nick Gillette,
Ben Grinberg, and Adam Kerbel

Early creation by
Emmanuel Becerra

Writing by Josh McIlvain

Live original music by
Patrick Lamborn

Original lighting design by Laura Bickford

Production Managed by
Robin Stamey

New Orleans Tour Cast:
Nicole Burgio, Ben Grinberg, Nick Jonczak, Adam Kerbel

There is an element of real-time discovery and humor in the way the story, sometimes absurd, sometimes poetic, sometimes mundane, dances between fantastical and autobiographical.
— Megan Bridge, thINKingDANCE

Tour History

Presented in full by:
Faux/Real Festival New Orleans
YASI at Trinity Rep
Sobo Studios Brattleboro VT

Presented in Excerpt by: 

NYU Skirball Center for Performing Arts


Circus Now International Circus
Exposure 2017 (Finalist 2015)

Best Ensemble,
Philadelphia Critic’s Awards, 
Honorable Mention 

Best New Play,
Philadelphia Critic’s Awards, 
Honorable Mention

Feature on Almanac rehearsing during early development stage for Leaps of Faith and Other Mistakes at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts