May 26, 2pm-10pm, Penn Treaty Park

Full Day Schedule:

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COMMUNITAS: 5 Years Later

A breath-taking evening of acrobatic storytelling and live music, featuring company members Nicole Burgio, Ben Grinberg, Adam Kerbel, and Lauren Johns, with live music by Ill Doots drummer and multi-instrumentalist Jordan McCree.

Special Encore performance at 8pm TONIGHT!

Video by Bob Sweeney
Live music by Jordan Micah Merrill McCree

Communitas, the founding production of the award winning Almanac Dance Circus Theatre, returns to Philadelphia for the first time since its premiere – reimagined and re-envisioned for changed bodies and a changed world. Starkly simple in its design, Communitas is a meditation on balance through human structures, and a deep exploration of individuality and cooperation. Taking the concept of a “communitas” – an unstructured society in which individuals are equals – as a provocation and starting place, Almanac’s ensemble indexes the experience of their relationships across over 6 years of collaboration.

“We had said that Communitas was about the formation of society. Five years later it feels like a re-formation of boundaries and trust. We wanted our dancing to reflect changes in our friendships. Would our friendships keep pace with our dancing?”

— Adam Kerbel (Co-Founding Company Member), The Dance Journal

“This show… is a representation of an unstructured society, which is really how Almanac started. We’re all here. We all hold different jobs, depending on what the project currently is… It’s physicalizing a relationship that we have at this company.”

— Lauren Johns (Company Member), South Philly Review

“We trust. We fight. We build. We forget. We remember. We continue. . . This show is a culmination of everything Almanac has collected, created, and figured out over the past 5 years. It’s something completely forged out of mixtures, fusions, and mosaics of movement... it’s so very Almanac.”
— — Nicole (Cole) Burgio, Company Member and Core Company Trainer