The Fleecing is an immersive performance art bacchanalia

The experience of the audience member takes center stage in ALMANAC's THE FLEECING. Participants are cast as initiates in the ancient secret society of the Order of Mammon. The order's beloved and feared leader, the Bumblefish, has died. The initiates are called to this conclave to select a new one from among several devoted performers.

Multiple pocket performances from a variety of disciplines occur simultaneously as the audience members peruse the offerings.  The audience are invited to place tokens on the altars of these devotee performers, and this input determines the course of each evening. 

THE FLEECING has grown to become a biannual celebration of the diversity of performance styles within ALMANAC's ever expanding repertoire. 

A witty and alluring world where Douglas Adams meets Monty Python meets Almanac’s signature pairing of earnest, personal theatricality and circus feats... This is the fleecing for which the show is named—a process absurd enough to mask its injustice, and so much fun we don’t mind the absurdity.
— Megan Stern, thINKingDANCE

Conceived by Nick Gillette, Ben Grinberg, Adam Kerbel, Lauren Harries and Nick Jonczak. Originally performed in February, 2015 at 1fiftyone gallery and performance space in Old City, Philadelphia, featuring creator/performers Adam Kerbel, Kristen Schier, Melissa Krodman, Elizabeth Weinstein, Evelyn Langley and Alyssa Kenamer, Evalina Wallis Cain Carbonell, Ansley Sawyer, Faith Benamy, Vanita Kalra and Jennifer Kidwell.

Performing December, 2016 at PowerPlant productions, featuring creator/performers Adam Kerbel, Nick Gillette, Lauren Johns, Mark Wong, Steve Lunder, Brett Robinson, Karen Smith, Melissa Krodman, Peter Smith, Jenson Titus Lavallee, Alexandra Tartarsky, with design and direction by Ben Grinberg, Nick Jonczak, and Robin Stamey.

Performing February 2017 at Macpherson Manor, featuring Fred Brown, Martha Stuckey, Jimmy Grzlak, John Hawthorne, Jess Adams, Melissa Krodman, Nick Gillette, Evelyn Langley, Joseph Ahmed, Karen Smith, Nicole Burgio, Mark Wong, Brett Robinson, Desiree Hall, and Dave Gillies, with design and direction by Ben Grinberg and Robin Stamey.

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