AN evening of acrobatic storytelling
and live music


From the first acrobatic encounter to the last traverse, Communitas is an electrifying and genre-defying inquiry into the concepts of balance, support, and trust. Live music accompanies four performers as they tumble, climb, fly and fall in a physical language of storytelling in action, literally supporting each­ other as they strive for an ever greater collectivity. By the end of its 68 minutes, audience and performers alike have come face­-to-­face with their own limitations and exhaustion, confronting what makes us human.

Communitas is a high­ energy romp, it’s an expedition into the concepts of unity and division, it’s a mythical wonder­-machine... that leaves behind the cliches of circus.
— Julius Ferraro,
In the crowded field of experimental performance, where young companies often promise to ‘challenge the boundaries’ between one discipline and another, Almanac Dance Circus Theatre stands out as truly interdisciplinary.
— Christian DuComb, Professor of English, Colgate University


Circus Now’s International Circus Exposure Community Choice Award. Finalist


Communitas I originally performed at New York Live Arts in December, 2013.

Communitas created with the support of a Fresh Tracks residency at New York Live Arts.

Originally performed May 2014 at Christ Church Neighborhood House

Created and performed by:
Ben Grinberg
Nick Gillette
Adam Kerbel
and Lauren Harries

With live original music
by Rob Emanuele.

Original lighting design by Laura Bickford.

Production Managed by Christina Gesauldi.


Tour History

Presented in full by:
Colgate University, Bearnstow, International Festival of Contemporary Dance of Mexico City, The Porch at 30th Street Station

Presented in part by: New York Live Arts, Bill T. Jones, 171 Cedar Arts, Evening of Duets, Circus Now!, Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, Pig Iron Theatre Company, Lightning Rod Special, and more