Warning: Jeanne/Jean/John/Jawn contains material that parents or guardians may find inappropriate for children under 14. Please contact us if you have any questions!


Almanac was first introduced to Jeanne Baret in 2016....

Through our "Harvest" micro-residency, we learned about the botanist and her story of crossdressing, abandonment and unrecognized major accomplishments from playwright L M Feldman. We thought, "what a great story to retell through acrobatics and live music!" So we set to work, performing excerpts of a new piece at the Harvest in 2016, the Sowing in 2018, and the New York Botanical Garden this past April. 

After spending nearly two years creating this historical docudrama, in June, 2018, we decided to throw everything away. Instead, Almanac now presents Jeanne/Jean/John/Jawn (JJJJ), an indoor-outdoor acrobatic extravaganza that represents a rebirth of Almanac, and grapples with the place of art and legacy in the contemporary moment. Collaborators Ben Grinberg, Nick Gillette, Lauren Johns, Desiree Hall, Jessica Adams and Aidan O'shea embody extreme physicality in this acrobatic ploy featuring themes of camouflage, camaraderie, and big fat lies.  Philly favorite Martha Stuckey provides live original music.

JJJJ is a site specific work featuring the architecture of the MAAS Building, which is celebrating its 10 year anniversary since coming into the hands and hearts of owners Catherine Birdsall and Ben Reisman. The Garden is a picture of Pennsylvania wildlife featuring native flora. The garden will become home to aerial apparatuses and unexpected moments of performance. Audience members will be asked to move through out the performance to different viewing points. 

Performance Dates and Times 

Tues    Sept.    4th 8pm *Preview Performance *CANCELLED | email for info          

Wed.   Sept. 5th   8pm *Preview Performance *CANCELLED | email for info         

Thurs. Sept.   6th 7pm *Opening night with party to follow 

Fri.      Sept. 7th   8pm

Sat.     Sept. 8th   2pm and 5pm

Sun.    Sept. 9th   2pm and 8pm

Tues.   Sept. 11th  8pm

Wed.    Sept. 12th 9pm

Thurs.  Sept. 13th  9pm

Fri.   Sept. 14th 7pm and 9pm

Sat.  Sept. 15th 9pm

Sun. Sept.  16th 8pm